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We believe that each student has promise, greatness and genius within. Sometimes a student needs additional help, support, navigation, encouragement and the adequate resources to reach his or her goals and full potential in order to achieve a stable, productive future. In many communities, and for various reasons which are complex, African American and Latino students struggle to reach their full potential and graduate high school with their class. The Students of Promise program is a Closing the Achievement Gap Initiative (CTAG), in direct response to the academic, social and emotional needs of targeted students. We are committed to help bolster academic achievement, attendance, matriculation to the next grade level and performance outcomes in our students while reducing negative behavior trends and addressing non-academic barriers to success. The Students of Promise program is designed to strengthen the relationships and skill sets our young people need to succeed while engaging parents, families and the entire learning community.

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Airman First Class, Andrey Lindsey – John F. Kennedy High School Class of 2011

“One of the major support groups for me that kept me going and kept me motivated everyday was the Closing the Achievement Gap program.”

SOP Student

“We see different things and get to see colleges we might be going to in the future.”

SOP Parent

"I hope the program will continue for my son and other students in the surrounding communities through graduation and well into their college years.”

SOP Parent

"The Linkage Coordinator encourages the students to reach their highest potential through activities and opportunities that broaden their horizons, expose them to higher education and allow them to interact with positive role models. I really believe in this program and how it impacts our children and strengthens our communities."

SOP Parent

“My son has been on task in school this year and his attitude has changed immensely. In other words I believe the Students of Promise Program has helped my son grow and helped him believe in himself. I as a mother could not be prouder than I am right now. I am very proud of him as he continues to better himself. I also want to thank the whole team for their efforts and for my son to have that male role model that he so desperately needed at the beginning of this program.”

SOP Student

“Students of Promise helps me with my grades and think about my future.”

Classroom Teacher

“With one of the students, this intervention has resulted in a complete change of attitude and effort. This student has become one of the best in the class.”

Classroom Teacher

“One student that I have can at times lose motivation in the classroom. With the help and encouragement from Students of Promise I feel he is able to refocus on his academic goals.”

Classroom Teacher

“Most of the students that I have in the program have started to take their studies more seriously.”
• parent engagement workshops
• linkage to community resources
• weekly contact to discuss the needs and progress of students
• help with day-to-day challenges
• classroom support that protects instruction time
• cultural competency professional development

As a Closing the Achievement Gap (CTAG) initiative, the Students of Promise program targets African American, Latino students and others entering high school. Currently, the program is offered in the Cleveland Heights – University Heights, Garfield Heights, Maple Heights, Warrensville Heights and East Cleveland school districts in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, with the goal to expand into other school districts and expand the model at the middle school level. Targeted students for the Students of Promise program may meet at least one of the following risk factors:

  • absent 25+ days the previous school year
  • excessive tardiness to class
  • 5 or more days of in-school or out-of-school suspension
  • failed two or more core subjects
  • performed below proficiency level in one or more subject areas
  • juvenile court supervision or adjudication
  • over-age for current grade level
  • repeating the 9th grade

(Non-targeted students that participate in the Students of Promise Program may be upper-class students within the school that serve as Peer Mentors or students in need of additional support to help them reach their full potential).

If you believe your child, student or learning community can benefit from the Students of Promise program or would like to learn more about the program, please contact Bob Ivory, Program Director, 216.324.9154, robert.c.ivory@gmail.com.

 If you would like to express support for bringing a Students of Promise Closing the Achievement Gap initiative to your Cuyahoga County community, contact Pernel Jones, Jr., Cuyahoga County Councilman, at 216.698.2019, pjones@cuyahogacounty.us.

 If you want to learn about other resources for children and families in Cuyahoga County, browse the information available though the Family & Children First Council.

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