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Erin Mims

Roomie Graham photo

Roomie Graham

Marcus Green photo

Marcus Green

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Miya Nettis

Linkage Coordinator
Cleveland Heights High School
216.662.2800 ext. 5229
Linkage Coordinator
Garfield Heights High School
216.438.6400 ext. 1158
Linkage Coordinator
Maple Heights High School
Linkage Coordinator
Warrensville Heights High School
Nicole Ziegler

Nicole Ziegler

Linkage Coordinator
Middle School

The primary component and the tie that binds the Students of Promise program is the “Linkage Coordinator” embedded at each school site. The Linkage Coordinator is a full-time staff person who facilitates the program and serves as a primary mentor, student advisor, life-coach, monitor, role model and advocate. These caring and skilled individuals establish meaningful relationships with students in efforts to ensure that the student’s academic, social and emotional needs are identified, targeted and met throughout the program continuum. The Linkage Coordinator works collaboratively with the building principal, teachers, student support teams and school personnel as well as parents, community leaders/organizations and stakeholders on behalf of the targeted population. The Linkage Coordinator also identifies ‘peer mentors’ or upper class students throughout the school that work closely with the Students of Promise program while helping them navigate through high school as well. The academic progress of the peer mentors are tracked as ‘non-targeted’ Students of Promise.