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Students of Promise, USA


High School

Cleveland Heights

High School

Warrensville Heights High School

Closing The Achievement Gap

We believe that each student has promise, greatness and genius within. Sometimes a student needs additional help, support, navigation, encouragement and the adequate resources to reach his or her goals and full potential in order to achieve a stable, productive future. In many communities, and for various reasons which are complex, African-American and Latino students struggle to reach their full potential  and graduate high school with their class. the Students of Promise program is a Closing the Achievement Gap Initiative (CTAG), in direct response to the academic, social and emotional needs of targeted students. We are committed to help bolster academic achievement, attendance, matriculation to the next grade level and performance outcomes in our students while reducing negative behavior trends and addressing non-academic barriers to success. The Students of Promise Program is designed to strengthen the relationships and skill sets our young people need to succeed whilst engaging parents, families and the entire learning community around them.

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